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Please sign the AVAAZ petition to overturn the new homophobic law in Russia, and spread this around!


Guys, I don’t often ask you for things, but I’m asking right now, each and every one of you, to please sign the petition and reblog this post. Most of you have seen the shocking things that are going down in my country, and I’m an LGBT member living here. This directly affects my life and well-being. If this thing passes, I won’t feel safe in the very place I was fucking born and raised in. I’m a Russian, I’m queer, and I’m proud, and my country should be fucking proud of me, and of every LGBT member living here. Please help us stop this from happening.

Sign the petition here:

And please, please spread this around. It’s missing almost 50,000 signatures.

Update: changed the link to the English version, sorry for the inconvenience!


im not sure that it matters to anybody, but my thoughts are with the LGBT community in Russia. Stay strong guys. I’m so fucking sorry.

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In 48 hours, political leaders in Russia will vote on a law that makes speaking out as a gay, lesbian or trans person ILLEGAL. Because Russia is a large and powerful nation, the international community has stayed silent. If thousands of us raise our voices, they will be forced to speak out and stop this horrific law →



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